We Wrote It, We Know How To Make It Work

I wanted to share the background of CYTIOT, INC. Advisor, Investor and closest Strategic Partner David Beberman.  I keep speaking of the experience of the direct team and advisors that are part to the company.  From responsibility of developing much of the SATCOM and SATNAV technologies in the 90’s and still used across the Gov and Commercial industries today to involvement by leading or participating in the embedded standards such as BACNet, OBIx, etc., we are through David Beberman responsible for the Internet stack.

David Beberman bio-

  • Late ’80’s represented Data Gerneral NIST Network and Systems Management Special Interest Group. (NMSIG)
  • Routerware and Routerware East JV along with Ross Wheeler, developed network protocols for the Internet, as well as Novell and Appletalk. Over 50 protocols were developed under the JV
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocols (L2TP), RADIUS, TACACS, VLAN Switching, OSPF, BGP as well as a high performance full TCP/IP stack
  • Architect and one of the implementors of Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation (NAT & PAT)
  • Block Acknowledgement protocol for 802.11
  • Asymmetric WiFi power, data transfer and antenna design to enable 100 Mbps downlink speeds over extended distances.

I always state “we developed the tools that are trying to be used now and we know the best way to do so”.  We do not have slick marketing material that we fudge to make sure a project is written as a success by only revealing those parts of the project that our technology was successful at.  We have a bunch of guys over the age of 50 that built much of today’s base communication technologies that allow all the apps, systems and humans to be productive in a digital world.

There are no successful Smart City projects worldwide if you consider the true definition of a smart city as complete secure, ubiquitous interoperability across all silos within an populous at block, neighborhood, city, regional, national and global level.  There cannot even be what is considered successful Smart Factory, Smart Car, Smart Building etc. projects as there are no ubiquitous interoperability across Data Models, Protocols, Platforms or Provider in the intranet let alone the internet.

I had a prospect reach out a few weeks ago, it is a major airline that had attempted 3 pilots programs

  1. warehousing of their inventory for aircraft
  2. cargo tracking especially of perishable goods
  3. Tracking of passengers and employees in terminal

3 different providers which are global companies in public cloud and information services with IoT offerings were used for the projects.

All 3 projects FAILED as they could not achieve interoperability between the disparate system, devices within each silo let alone across silo’s.  The reason for the failure is they are all using the same base technology which makes it impossible to achieve interoperability, not improbable, impossible to do.

CYTIOT, INC. achieves full ubiquitous, secure, interoperability across everything regardless of data model, protocol, platform or provider, period.  We use IETF international open standard for future proof of your network unlocking you from proprietary sharks that continually add billable hours to their original cost submittal as the technologies they are implementing, not being correct for the solution, will never work, they will not tell you that, it is a never-ending cycle.










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