Smart Foundation for Smarter Healthcare

CYTIOT, INC. enables a new generation of care that allows multiple organizations and individuals to collaborate and link doctors and nurses to patient data to correct potential problems before they develop into serious issues. Healthcare providers would be able to offer better, more cost effective care to more patients with increased real-time diagnostics. ConnectingYourThings can connect specialists, patients, emergency workers, and medical devices across the globe enabling both remote care and emergency readiness and response.

To accomplish the mission you must start with a “Smart Foundation” and it must be malleable enough to scale autonomously, adaptive enough to handle constantly changing connections, and resilient enough to stand up to the huge ebbs and flows in data that will occur.[i] The efficiency of data connection and configure is significant and must be effective within legacy, contemporary and future networking technology including dealing with network issue such as: high latency, low bandwidth, inconsistent and disconnected environments.

These requirements focus us to evolve from traditional Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to event based fabric solutions including bi-directional, secure, client aware server solutions. Additionally, modern rapid authentication, compression, and multicasting features increase efficiency and security of event based ecosystems making engagements based on purpose a reality.

Purposeful Engagement

The introduction of this capability will allow all verticals; Health Care, Military, RDM, Manufacturing, Energy etc. to realize efficiencies, energy savings and lower TCO while delivering a service to its customers that will create a more sticky and trusted relationship.  Purposeful Engagement allows the message to be read in transit, correspondingly grouped and either launch applications or forward to a human whose profile best accommodates the needs of that specific issue opposed to going to the database and queuing while waiting for process cycles, adding latency to event identification and action.

For the capability to be realized, presence must be available.  Presence is universally understood as red, yellow, green availability indicators.  Presence is not prejudice to data origination and can reveal any value or state that any device is in at any moment in time.   There is not a need to have continual updates from a device if it is acting in normal operational parameters, there is need to know when it is acting outside its defined normal operation and needs to be acted upon to prevent system failure or loss of life.

Thusly, Real-time tracking of status and capabilities of assets in the field allowing for automated discover, configure, manage and control of IoT devices and application.

Examples of specific use cases for Healthcare that CYTIOT, INC. enables are

  1. Remote location interoperability
  • Need- Interoperability, Security, Privacy, Visualization of data
    • Client has hundreds of locations in Asia country and expanding to US
    • Each clinic location has 15 machines, MRI, CT, Endoscopy etc. which are not interoperable
    • Client is creating a visualization platform that will allow its patients to view data from the disparate systems, currently there is no way of getting the digitized data fed into the application
    • Client needs all clinics networked including international locations outside China, on a Common Operating Platform for secure data, voice, video
  • CYTIOT, INC. Ecosystem satisfies all the needs and more for client
    • Interoperability between Sensor, Device, Machine, Application, System and Human regardless of data model, protocol, platform or provider
    • Secure private channel bound connections mitigating man in middle attacks and compromise of data between systems, offices, data centers, applications and humans.
    • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across the enterprise by reducing amount of data delivered any system, it’s not about BIG DATA it’s about the RIGHT DATA, thus lowering the license and infrastructure needs
      1. Less processing Time spent looking for data
      2. Real-Time for identifying design/engineering/process fault
    • Less data Needs to be Processed, Fewer Instances need to be Supported
    • Lower Overall O&M for entire enterprise via decreased process cycles, optimized data administration
    • Deeper understanding of operational and process state of systems
    • Decreased Call Center/Help Desk Interactions as systems run more efficiently
  1. Remote Healthcare/Hospice
    • As healthcare advances, life expectance increases creating a large portion of the population that needs monitoring on a more real-time basis, reducing the amount of office visits to a healthcare provider.
    • Majority of Population still exists in rural areas, making it difficult to reach healthcare provider in times of emergency let alone for regular checkups.
    • Real-time status alerts of patient state sent to healthcare providers
  • CYTIOT, INC. Ecosystem satisfies the needs of remote healthcare with
    • Secure Interoperable ecosystem that creates persistent connections based on event driven architecture
      1. CYTIOT is not continually polling every device asking if there is anything that endpoint needs or if there are any events (i.e. accelerate heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen levels etc.) needing awareness and assistance. The CYTIOT ecosystem has advanced the architecture so that if state of any device, human or systems changes, those current values are sent to all necessary parties in real time for diagnosis and actions.
  • Use Case

Pace Maker- In today’s world a doctor or technician must call into the pace maker interface for updates on its current state, download the data and analyze.  The issue is provider scheduled data dump is too late to catch event and take action that could have saved a life.

The solution, an event driven architecture persistent, not pre-scheduled interaction, which eliminates processing larger data files and searching for actionable events.   CYTIOT would allow a provider to be alerted in real-time to any issue, either with patient or device itself and take appropriate action before there is a catastrophic event.

  1. Preventative Care
  • With the influx of wearables on the market there are now alternatives that allow healthcare providers and large insurers to offer higher level of service to customers.
    1. CYTIOT has participated in WG’s and TC’s across IEEE, ISO, IEC, UPnP, OCF, IPC International Standards bodies charged to create standards that will allow secure, private, bi-directional, ubiquitous interaction with any device. In UPnP/OCF has included the CEN ISO/IEEE 11073 Health informatics – Medical / health device communication standards enable communication between medical, health care and wellness devices and with external computer systems. They provide automatic and detailed electronic data capture of client-related and vital signs information, and of device operational data

With CYTIOT, INC. Healthcare providers and networks would be able to utilize the devices from any provider.  Today only a wearable or device from a vendor that an agreement has been negotiated with is available to each provider.

  • Individual owns wearable device that tracks basic health state. Currently that data is accessed via app on the user’s smartphone or computer.  Enabling the device to be securely connected, the owner owns right to authorize all “subscriber” access to visualize and/or control devices on the ConnectingYourThings ecosystem, the healthcare providers are no longer restricted to offering services outside their network.
  • A Healthcare providers can now create doctor on call networks. The provider has doctors and specialists remotely available 24/7/365 to accept diagnose, make decisions and act upon that event.

Use Case

Patient is sleeping, heart rate increases to unhealthy level.  Today the patient would find this out in the morning when (if) they wake up to be made aware of incident.  ConnectingYourThings enables filters which would track state and if event happens (i.e. accelerated heart rate) that event, a historical snapshot and real time data stream can be sent to a doctor/specialist that is online, available and has the expertise to receive, diagnose, make decisions and act.  The decision could be a

  1. non-incident no need for further observation.
  2. dynamically set filters to be alerted if condition worsens
  3. send ambulance immediately to save a life
  4. ……………

CYTIOT, INC. will allow a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry by enabling an “Embrace and Replace” strategy.  This allows current systems (legacy, proprietary or commercial off the shelf (COTS)) to be integrated with newer and future systems, providing more efficient real-time service and better care to patients.  Providers will provide patients proactive as opposed to reactive care by identifying potential issues prior to a catastrophic event by having real-time data when necessary.  The equipment will run more efficiently allowing lower operation and maintenance costs including back-end infrastructure.  Reduced expected in the double digits through better administered and managed data flow, event identification and action.

[i] Humphreys, John. How the Internet of Things Will Change Almost Everything. Forbes. December 17, 2012.


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