Moving SCADA to the Cloud, Eliminating Web Services

In one project we are currently involved we were asked to architect a new system for Environmental protection of 60 Waste Water plants.  I wanted share the diagrams of current and upgraded system deployments to illustrate the effects moving to an Event Driven, Secure, Interoperable Smart Foundation will have

  1. Reduce points of failure across enterprise
  2. Shrink intrusion plane for hackers.
    1. Pub/Sub architecture eliminates web services and external threats as you close all incoming ports on firewall.
  3. Mitigation of Man-in-Middle attacks via spoofing
  4. Reduced Network Traffic through Event Driven arch
  5. Event identification at edge and in cloud
    1. keeping local data local

One thing you will notice is that all current shop floor infrastructure stays intact which cuts down on operational disruption, no need for new hardware or networking, all changes are software and made at Layer 7.


Current Deployment



Upgraded Architecture




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