The Real Objective of IoT “Create a More Efficient World with Less”

In my previous posts I have focused on architecture, federation, device objects, security, networking and XMPP as the protocol for federating all of the disparate and proprietary protocols that are and will always be in use.  It seems that each conversation and discussion about the IoT leads to one common issue; how we can possibly achieve the full benefits of the IoT when each of the legacy companies is working with their own definition of the IoT and promoting its own proprietary technology and systems as the true IoT, with the ultimate result being the hoarding of your data as well as keeping your business in a noose that would only tighten if you tried to replace the systems.

This is the basis for my argument that there will NEVER be a single data protocol for IoT.  LET’S STOP FIGHTING THE BIG MONEY GIANTS and just create a standard to federate the systems they WILL continue to build and sell.  One option is to work with the Big Money Giants to create an XML object standard for their proprietary protocol and embed in the device driver which will create the values of each device (every fan from any manufacturer no matter how they write the data has the same basic values, Power-On/Off; Direction- forward/reverse; Speed- high/medium/low).  The federation standard needs only to write an app that translates the different protocols, not each device manufacturer’s schema, for universal access to data when allowed by the end user.  Let’s not forget who should/would have ultimate authority on the decision regarding access to private information.

Allow the Big Money Giants the internal building networks; we can take control of the wide area connections (including security, networking and access to information) otherwise known as the INTERNET with the distinct value of federating their systems through developers building simple apps (not AE’s selling another piece of equipment) that get the data and route it to those interested/trusted parties who can then apply the data to real time control.

Let’s take a quick look at how the Big Money Giants see the design of IoT.

  1. I am the ONLY choice for IoT, IoE, Industrial Internet, M2M (place big money giant name by respective title)

  2. You MUST add additional equipment that manufacture into your current ecosystem that is controlled by ME

  3. You MUST contract professional services as you are NOT capable of doing this yourself

Now back to the title “Create a More Efficient World with Less”.

The idea of developing an IoT is to

  • Gain knowledge with use of current and historical data for predicting coming events

  • Allow preventative maintenance as opposed to being reactionary

  • Lower greenhouse emissions

  • Save dollars for end user

IoT is not meant to create energy savings and efficiencies at the endpoint for the purpose of building a larger infrastructure, in turn using the energy that was saved in systems developed to create the savings. The problem is that large corporations need to stay just that, LARGE. Even if, not unlike politicians when they first get elected, Big Money Giants employees have the right intention of creating a better world through the use of technology when they start a project, the bosses and board are ONLY focused on creating a better value for the shareholder.

In order for the value creation to happen with Big Money Giant, they must continue to sell the current systems that are already producing good margin, have the support system in place as to avoid retraining of personnel and not retool the line, while at the same time create a new revenue stream. In other words, build another appliance that can be housed in a current chassis and sell not only the appliance but an upgrade to the legacy system already in place with the client. Oh yeah, lets tell the client they will need many hours of professional services from Big Money Giant because it is too complicated for them to deploy on their own, besides the system is not an open standard and they cannot gain access anyway.

In order for a IoT and all of its advantages to truly take hold we must start to collapse infrastructure not force business to make ungodly investments in equipment along with personnel costs and disruption to its end user. We continually hear of unified collaboration for the human network, why are we not looking at Unified Capabilities, bringing the machine processes into the platform as well.  Unified Capabilities means enabling- IM, Chat, Voice, Video, SOA 2.0 (event driven), ESB, network control/forwarding and security all in the same platform.  This will allow us to not have to build more facilities to house these extremely large networks that the Big Money Giants force us to utilize with the massive infrastructure.

I do not believe there has to be 14.4 trillion in new margin necessary to create the Internet of Everything, the IoT is being created to SAVE 14.4 trillion along with our planet, or at least it should be.

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