William J. Miller, chairman and member of several working groups within the IEEE recognizes XMPP as protocol for IoT

Conference on the latest developments in energy efficiency

Leading entrepreneurs, scientists and energy experts gathered on April 30 and May 1 in New York, Jacob Javits Center, to discuss the latest technological advances in energy efficiency .

For the seventh year in a row, Advanced Energy Conference in New York, which includes Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke about how renewable energy can affect employment. Thousands of visitors from industry, government and academia were presented with over 14 different programs and 91 individual sessions performed by innovators and experts in the energy industry.

New standard for communication over the Internet

One of the hottest topic was the choice of an open standard for communication for sensors, actuators and devices in smart buildings, smart grid and the Internet of things . A logical choice is a proven technology called XMPP , an open XML technology for real-time communication between two different clients.

–        The world is facing an explosive development of the smart grid with smart meters. An industry that is also driving the evolution of the Internet as a communication infrastructure. Must a global standard that solves both the current high costs and complexity, and increase safety for the increased amount of communication that comes as more devices and people connected to the Internet , says William J. Miller, chairman and member of several working groups within the IEEE (the world’s largest professional association for technical innovations) in IT security, Internet of Things, Smart Grid, over Skype when we talk to him.

By 2020, over 50 billion devices to be connected to the Internet

The forecast says that over 50 billion devices will be connected in 2020 , which makes us extremely vulnerable. A virus or a cyber attack could knock out large systems, and even entire cities’ infrastructures. To replace all sensitive systems with older protocols is not a viable option.

–        The advantage of XMPP is that it has an application layer which makes the protocol independent. This means that XMPP can be used to transport older protocols that exist today in building systems, control systems and smart grids and incorporate a higher level of security with encryption by TLS (Transport Layer Security), adds William J Miller.


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